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Dorstenia foetida
Dorstenia foetida
Dorstenia foetida

Dorstenia foetida

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This is a highly branched specimen of the variable Dorstenia foetida. Extremely charming if not well known, these plants are shrub-like succulents from East Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

They can reach heights of 30-40 cm and resemble small palm trees, making them interesting subjects for indoor bonsai.

Dorstenia foetida like bright light, warm temperatures and well draining soil mix. During winter they will go partially dormant and lose some leaves but continue to provide water, though sparingly. During the growing season they like a lot of water, though allow to dry slightly between waterings.

We recommend planting in our Desert Dirt™ House Blend. Select from the drop down menu if you would like to include this with your plant.

Ensure the plant has a pot that allows for drainage and beware of pots which are sold without drainage holes as these are important for the health of your plant.

Plants will be shipped over periods of relative 'good' weather to minimise risk of damage in transit. Any foreseen delays to shipping and we will contact you. Plant will be sent bare-root to minimise damage to roots and leaves during transit.